At Vision Scapes, we offer comprehensive services tailored to ensure your outdoor spaces remain healthy and inviting year-round. We are committed to providing top-quality residential landscaping services that exceed your expectations.

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Seasonal Clean-Up

We offer spring cleanup and fall cleanup services, which are designed to promote the overall health and appearance of your yard. This includes cutting back all perennials and grasses. During this seasonal clean-up, we will trim any shrubs necessary at the time of our visit. We will also remove all clippings and debris from the site when our work is concluded.

Monthly Bed Maintenance

This maintenance includes hand weeding and applying post-emergent herbicide to eliminate existing weeds in beds. Also, stick edging hard surface edges will be performed. Also, this maintenance entails trimming shrubs that need it at that time, pulling/spraying weeds, and installing new mulch.

Tree and Shrub Trimming

We will trim shrubs and perennials that need it at the time of our visit. We will hand weed beds and apply pre-emergent herbicide to held reduce future weeds. Following that, we will utilize post-emergent herbicide to eliminate existing weeds. As for clean-up, we will remove all clippings and debris from the site upon our departure.

A regular trimming, spraying, and feeding is essential to extending the lives of your trees and shrubs. We recommend feeding trees and shrubs at least once per season, this proactive maintenance will protect your landscape investment.


Introducing a greener way to nurture your lawn, we specialize in organic-based fertilizers that enrich your grass from its roots. Through our personalized programs, your lawn is given the complete care it requires, guaranteeing resilience and life.

Mulch and Topsoil Installation

Transform the appearance and health of your landscape with our expert mulch and topsoil installation services. Our skilled crews are dedicated to delivering and installing premium quality mulch and topsoil promptly. Enhance curb appeal and promote the health of your plants with our efficient and professional service.

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Lawn Mowing

With precision and efficiency, we'll trim your grass to the perfect height, ensuring a cutting look that compliments the beauty of your outdoor space. This also includes string trimming, pickup of trash in the law area, and blowing lawn clippings from hard surfaces.

Hard Surface Weed Control

We will be focusing on the elimination of weeds in cracks in concrete, asphalt, gravel, etc. If applicable, this also includes spraying fence lines and ditches.

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