Beginning Our Partnership

Our partnership begins the moment you call to inquire about a project. The friendly folks in our office will ask you a few simple questions and then schedule an initial meeting with one of our managers.

When the manager assigned to your project arrives at your home or business, they will take a quick look around, possibly asking some additional questions to get a feel for what you have in mind.

Soon after that visit, you will receive a written estimate. If you choose to partner with us (and we hope you do!), we will assign one of our professional landscaping crews to your job. We will also let you know when you can expect to receive a start date for your project.

We'll Help You Build a Dream

A lot of times, clients come to us with a very rough idea of what they'd like to see outside their homes. They may not know what elements they'd like to include in an outdoor kitchen, or they may not have a firm grasp on the kinds of plants they'd like to incorporate in a landscaped bed.

Before and after landscaping

Don't worry – that's what we're here for. Over the years, we've crafted some pretty amazing landscape projects, and we will gladly show you pictures that will help you visualize your desired end result.

We'll Be Mindful of Your Budget

Working within a budget can be tricky, but we're always happy to brainstorm a variety of options. Over the years, we've implemented lots of creative solutions to make projects more affordable.


Doing a project in phases is one solution that works well. If your dream project is bigger than your budget, we'll work with you to create a long-range plan. You can opt to do half of the project one year, for example, and then incorporate additional elements a few years down the road.

We'll Communicate Clearly, Every Step of the Way

No matter the scope of your project, you can count on us to communicate with you along the way. Our goal is to be transparent in all we do, and ongoing communication is a cornerstone of the Vision Scapes business model.

We'll Never Waver on Safety

Our landscaping crews participate in routine safety training, and they implement best practices observed throughout the landscaping industry.

What Do Our Customers Say About Us? We're Glad You Asked!

We wanted to redo an existing patio, and we wanted an outdoor kitchen. When we called Vision Scapes, Amy answered the phone. She was so nice and helpful. She set up an appointment, and Mark came out a couple days later. We could tell that he was really excited about the kitchen project, but he was hesitant to proceed with the patio. "You know what?" he asked. "Once you build the outdoor kitchen, you'll never want to venture to the other side of the deck. I can't let you spend your money on that." We appreciated Mark's wisdom, and we were so grateful when he came up with a design that incorporated a new patio area adjacent to the kitchen. We loved the idea, and we asked Mark to begin the project as soon as he could. His crews worked through extreme heat and pouring rain, and the project was complete in about two weeks. It's beautiful, and they were just the nicest people to work with. I absolutely love my back yard! - Cindy Dawson
Vision Scapes handles everything at my business and my home, including mowing, plowing and planting. They don't just do a good job ... they do an excellent job! It's always top of the line! Mark's crews are very professional, very prompt and very efficient. They are respectful to my restaurant staff, and they've helped me create a beautiful back yard at my home with 200 trees, landscaped beds and a beach area. It's amazing! - Panos Bourounis, Owner of Salvatori's, Fort Wayne