Outdoor Living & Hardscapes


Imagine the possibilities! 

Creating an outdoor living space is a wonderful way to expand and improve your living space, and it gives you a front row seat to the breathtaking backdrops that change with the seasons here in the Midwest. Bask in the beauty of a sunny day or revel in the kaleidoscope of fall colors while enjoying the comfort and convenience of your own backyard.


Outdoor Kitchens

Who wants to be stuck inside when you could be outside enjoying a gorgeous evening with family and friends? Outdoor kitchens give you an opportunity to prepare amazing meals while still enjoying the striking beauty of the great outdoors. Incorporate a Bull BBQ grill, a built-in gas grill or a pizza oven, and prepare mouth-watering meals that everyone will love! Outdoor kitchens add instant value to your home, and they create the perfect environment for entertaining guests.


Fireplace & Fire Pits

Vision Scapes can design and install an outdoor fireplace or fire pit that will become a focal point for your yard, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors well into the cooler months of the year. Using well-designed openings and mesh coverings, outdoor fireplaces allow you to enjoy the pleasures of a fire without being bothered by improperly directed smoke or airborne embers. Relax with friends and family, roast marshmallows and create new memories!

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Rockscapes create visual interest in a yard, offering natural beauty through the use of height and texture. Our design specialists can incorporate rockscape elements in your landscape design.


Patios, Decks, Gazebos and Pergolas

If you'd like to make the most of your outdoor living space, consider adding a patio, deck, gazebo or pergola. Perhaps you're looking to create an expanded seating area, or maybe you'd like to incorporate a hot tub in the privacy of a gazebo. Our design specialists can help you choose the option that's best for you. Then, we'll see your project through to the end, creating a backyard environment that exceeds your expectations!

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Seating & Dining Areas

Create the perfect place to relax and unwind with a spacious outdoor seating or dining area. We can incorporate gorgeous furniture, making your backyard feel like the best room in your house! Creative seating options add interest to a landscape design project. Seating walls and columns add beauty and functionality at the same time.

Retaining Walls, Walkways and Steps

A beautiful paver, natural stone, or flagstone walkway can be the perfect element to tie together your outdoor living space. From classic, rustic styles to a sharp, modern feel, walkways create a sense of elegance and luxury to your home or business.

Retaining walls protect against land erosion, heavy rain, and other environmental factors. At the same time, they enhance and beautify your outdoor living space. Vision Scapes can design and install a retaining wall that matches your desired style and function. Material options include boulder, block, timber, natural stone and outcropping stones.


Landscape Lighting

Add ambiance and beauty with landscape lighting that accentuates the various elements of your overall design.

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What do our customers say about us? We're glad you asked!

We wanted to redo an existing patio, and we wanted an outdoor kitchen. When we called Vision Scapes, Amy answered the phone. She was so nice and helpful. She set up an appointment, and Mark came out a couple days later. We could tell that he was really excited about the kitchen project, but he was hesitant to proceed with the patio. "You know what?" he asked. "Once you build the outdoor kitchen, you'll never want to venture to the other side of the deck. I can't let you spend your money on that." We appreciated Mark's wisdom, and we were so grateful when he came up with a design that incorporated a new patio area adjacent to the kitchen. We loved the idea, and we asked Mark to begin the project as soon as he could. His crews worked through extreme heat and pouring rain, and the project was complete in about two weeks. It's beautiful, and they were just the nicest people to work with. I absolutely love my back yard!

Cindy Dawson